Why won’t Chesa prosecute strikes or gang enhancements?


Chesa believes that we should punish people for their crimes, and not for who they are or their past.   The Three Strikes Law has led California prisons to balloon–disproportionately with people of color–and has meant people have been sentenced to life sentences for minor offenses.   Gang enhancements have a documented history of being racist, and disproportionately and wrongly targeting Black and Latinx men.

When someone commits a robbery, Chesa will punish them for the robbery (which can be up to five years in prison).   When they commit a murder, he will prosecute them for the murder (which can be life in prison).   The enhancements just add additional penalties that increase sentences excessively and promote racial disparities and injustice.

That said, Chesa’s policy is not absolute.   There are cases where he makes an exception and decides it is appropriate to allege a prior strike or a gang enhancement.