Why oppose the recall, even if I am not sure how I feel about Chesa Boudin?


Chesa is doing exactly what he was elected to do. He has followed through on the promises he made to voters.   This is a democracy: SF voters should have a say in who their district attorney is–and they chose Chesa. A recall doesn’t let voters choose between two candidates–it allows the Mayor to appoint whomever she wants. We have no idea who would be the DA if Chesa is recalled.

The recall is essentially allowing a losing side to try and buy a new result. How so? Well, in the 2019 election, donors were limited to $500 donations.   But for the recall, there are no campaign limits, which is how Republican billionaires are able to donate millions of dollars to try to get a new result. Prop H was put on the ballot by William Oberndorf’s million dollars - a Republican mega donor to Mitch McConnell. We must not let our city get conned by these Republican billionaires who never supported Chesa’s policies and just want to advance their conservative approaches to crime.