Why have more than 50% of his staff quit his office if he is doing a good job?


The percentage of people leaving the office under Chesa’s administration is relatively on par with 2019, the year before Chesa took office.   The SF DA’s Office has long had high turnover, as it is challenging work. Additionally, during the pandemic the United States has experienced the “Great Resignation” - record numbers of people quitting their jobs and choosing new priorities as a result of the pandemic.

That said, some people did leave for philosophical differences–as is common in a new administration dedicated to a new approach–and they were quickly replaced with dedicated prosecutors committed to their work.   In fact more than ten prosecutors who had previously worked at the DA’s Office before Chesa came back to the office specifically to work for him!

Many DAs offices around the country were especially hard-hit by the Great Resignation–and many across the state have faced hiring challenges.   By contrast, the DA’s Office has had record numbers of applicants from impressive pedigrees and has very few vacancies.