Why are you calling this a Republican recall?


The effort to recall our DA was started by local Republicans, is funded almost entirely by billionaire Republicans, and is endorsed by the SF Republican Party. The Democratic Party unequivocally endorsed a no vote on the recall and is pouring money and resources AGAINST the recall. Not ONE elected Democrat supports the recall. Every labor union, judge, and major publication that has taken a stance in the race has endorsed a NO vote on the recall (including the Democratic Party, ACLU, and the SF Chronicle). Of course there are individual Democrats who support it because the millions of dollars being poured into this race by Republican donors (like William Obendorf who has donated millions to Mitch McConnell) has been very effective at spreading lies and misinformation. This recall is part of a rash of Republican efforts to attack reform-minded DA’s across the country. Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and Ted Cruz have all attacked progressive DAs, including Chesa.