What is he doing about drug use in the Tenderloin?


DA Boudin prosecutes drug sales at very high rates: in 2021, he has prosecuted 85% of drug sales/possession for sale cases presented by police. The Tenderloin has been an ongoing public-health crisis and state of emergency for at least a decade. This is not a new problem. For years the right-wing media has loved to point to the Tenderloin as an example of the failures of progressive policies. The emergence of fentanyl and the increase in overdose deaths is a crisis–which is why DA Boudin asked the Mayor to fund a fentanyl task force in 2020   just to focus on this issue, but his request was unfortunately denied.

In San Francisco, we need to have safe consumption sites, because people don’t die of overdoses at safe consumption sites. The second thing we need is people who are drug-addicted to have an easier time accessing treatment and services than they do buying drugs on the street corner. We are prosecuting people the police arrest. It’s not working because there is an insatiable demand for drugs from people who don’t have housing, access to health care, access to employment and access to treatment that can help them reduce their dependence on dangerous drugs.