What is DA Boudin doing about the smash and grab retail thefts occurring in San Francisco?


As shown in this data dashboard, Chesa’s office has filed charges in 86% of commercial burglary cases presented to his office by SFPD. When union square businesses were robbed, Chesa Boudin filed felony charges in every single arrest related to these incidents, and he worked with SFPD to identify others involved to hopefully lead to their arrest. And this was not unique to San Francisco. The same weekend Union Square got robbed, the same thing was happening in Walnut Creek, Hayward, Oakland and San Jose. In response to these brazen and clearly organized instances of retail theft, Boudin announced an alliance between San Francisco, San Joaquin, Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties; law enforcement; and state agencies to combat the recent increase in organized retail theft.

This partnership between the counties allows for better sharing of information through data collection, crime analytics, as well as pooled investigative tools to successfully prosecute those involved with organized retail theft schemes. In addition to Chesa’s work to hold those who commit crimes accountable, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is conducting ongoing work to deter, disrupt, and dismantle organized retail theft operations. Chesa’s office is working with state, federal, and local law enforcement agencies to identify and dismantle the fencing networks that make these crimes profitable. There are currently over half a dozen confidential operations underway.