What do you mean by the Republican attacks on reform minded DAs?


Republicans and Fox News have been targeting progressive prosecutors across the country and have falsely blamed them for crimes–even though Republican jurisdictions have higher crime rates.   They attacked Larry Krasner in Philly and Kim Foxx in Chicago–but both were soundly reelected.

Not deterred, conservatives adopted a new approach: the recall.   An easier way to attack a prosecutor without the campaign finance restrictions of general elections.   It’s no coincidence that George Gascon is also facing a recall–and conservative legislators in Illinois are actually trying to create a recall process solely to recall their DA, Kim Foxx.

There is no better example than the 2021 Attorney General race in Virginia, where Republican Jason Miyares unseated the Attorney General. After his historic upset, he told the Republican Party to focus on Progressive Prosecutors as a way to move a state from blue to red.   He says - “step one, find a progressive prosecutor - step two, make them famous. Make them the face of Democrats on police and crime, and prepare for victory. Make an argument about progressive prosecutors running amok in the criminal justice system, and Republicans could highlight, not dusty white papers or data, but very very real human stories, incredibly gut-wrenching stories.” The Rep. Virginia Attorney General told lawmakers to work with their local TV outlets, because many on-air reporters begin and end their day checking “the police blotter.” He says television helps tell a better, fuller story, reiterating the importance of the “visceral” element. He tells them to “say they are far-left, special interest groups that have a criminal-first, victim-last mentality. That gets my message across.”

Sound familiar? TV stories that fear-monger, false attacks on progressives for crime, and anecdotes being used to drive policy? Straight out of that playbook. There’s a reason Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, and Tucker Carlson love to talk about progressive prosecutors like Chesa every night on Fox.