What about Shirin Oloumi, who quit and said Chesa dismantled her auto burglary unit and refused to let her cooperate with police?


Not only did DA Boudin NOT dismantle auto burglary work–he created a brand new Operation AutoPilot–an extensive operation to track stolen goods using bait cars and tracking device. It recently led to the discovery of an international fencing operation that led the DA to seize over $100,000 worth of stolen property and recover over 1,000 laptops, phones, cameras, and other devices. So no, the unit was not dismantled. In fact, in a July 27th farewell email to her colleagues, Oloumi references Operation Autopilot specifically and said she had “no doubt I will be reading about the success of (it) in the news soon,” according to a copy of the email obtained by The Chronicle.


SF boba shop was a front for an international car-burglary operation, DA Boudin says