What about Brooke Jenkins and Don DuBain’s claims that Chesa refuses to follow the law?


Brooke and Don are progressives in name only.

  • Don was previously the elected District Attorney in Solano County - he is a conservative prosecutor who pushes for overly punitive punishments.   He lost reelection in the shadow of a scandal where he was accused of misconduct.
  • Brooke is a conservative prosecutor who also has been accused of misconduct. She has stated that she considered running for District Attorney herself in 2019.   Her purported basis for being angry at Chesa has to do with a homicide case she tried.   Most of the victim’s family and 3 separate medical experts found the defendant insane, which would mean he would go to a mental hospital for the rest of his life.   Despite that, Brooke insisted on arguing to a jury that he was sane, as she wanted him in prison–rather than a hospital–for life.   Chesa let her do that–but she lost, and the jury deadlocked (with most jurors believing the defendant was insane).   It was only at that point that Chesa intervened to say that they should not continue to argue he was sane.   He was sentenced to a state mental institution.