The Con

Spurred on by Fox News and the right-wing noise machine, a single Republican donor, William Oberndorf, is responsible for the attempt to recall Chesa Boudin. His goal is to take San Francisco back by repealing policies that make us all safer.  

Oberndorf has no plan and no proposals, he will put the criminal justice system in San Francisco into a crisis. Making us all unsafe to push a right-wing agenda. We know if this measure passes, the sponsors will demand:

  • We end up holding everyone accountable equally to the law, including the police.
  • The repeal of the Economic Crimes Unit, which protects workers against corporate abuse.
  • The end to reducing child incarceration that breaks the cycle of poverty and crime
  • Bringing back cash bail, going back to a time when people were kept in jail based on how rich they were, not how dangerous.
  • Eliminating the Innocence Commission that makes sure people are not wrongly convicted.

Oberndorf’s recall campaign is being run by a group of paid political operatives, including the lobbyist for the San Francisco Realtors, and it paid up to $18 per signature to qualify the recall.
The Republican-funded operatives running the recall are getting rich, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars while sticking taxpayers with the bill. The recall will cost millions, and it won’t make us safer.

Don’t get conned.