If the police won’t work with him, regardless of whether it is Chesa’s fault or not, how can we proceed if we want to be safe? We can’t recall the cops.


The DA’s Office works with police every day.   They communicate constantly about cases, arrest warrants, etc.; frequently partner on operations; and the DA relies on police in proving cases in court.

But it is important to note that police in SF and the police union (POA) have a long history of opposing every DA for the past several decades–including Terrence Hallinan, Kamala Harris, and George Gascon.   The POA has fought criminal justice reform for many years. The police protested Kamala for progressive policies like refusing to seek the death penalty.   Now, they protest Chesa because he is holding officers who beat or kill people unlawfully accountable.

There have been many stories of police refusing to make arrests or investigate because they falsely claim that the DA won’t prosecute (again: false–the DA has higher filing rates than previous administrations).   We can’t reward bad behavior: we cannot allow the police to refuse to do their jobs and solve fewer crimes than ever before and then allow them to force us to get rid of a DA they don’t like.   That would allow police to hold us hostage.   Instead, we must send a clear message to police that voters want Chesa to continue the work he was elected to do.

Chesa also created a Special Investigations Unit that exists to work directly with SFPD to investigate and prosecute complex cases like retail theft. A coordinated operation by the Special Investigations Unit and the San Francisco Police Department’s Major Crimes Burglary Detail has resulted in more than two dozen felony charges being filed against two defendants for 28 separate residential burglaries over a four-month period.