How is Chesa addressing the root causes of crime?


Addressing the root causes of crime helps keep us all safer by remedying the underlying problem that pushes someone to criminal behavior. Here are just some examples of how Chesa is addressing root causes of crimes:

  • Chesa recognized that ghost guns (unregulated, untraceable firearms purchased in kits and easily assembled at home)are an ever-growing problem in SF (linked to about 50% of gun homicides in 2020). So, rather than waiting for a violent crime to happen, Chesa has sued the ghost-gun companies to prohibit them from flooding our streets with their guns.
  • Chesa has expanded the use of diversion programs (essentially treatment courts) that help people with mental health, homelessness, and addiction get the treatment and support they need to get back on track.
  • Chesa has also tried to address retail theft at the source: he has conducted numerous operations to stop the fencing networks that make retail theft profitable. One joint operation with other agencies led to the recovery of over $8 million in stolen goods.