Doesn’t DA Boudin only charge 14% of Domestic Violence cases, as it says on the recall mailer?


No! This is another recall lie. Chesa is actually filing domestic violence cases at historic high rates (45% in 2022–significantly higher than Gascon’s rate of 29%).   DA Boudin’s overall filing rate for his entire tenure for felony domestic cases is 30%.   When excluding 2020 (a year impacted by the pandemic), the rate is 36%.   And in 2022, DA Boudin’s filing rate for domestic violence cases so far is 45%--significantly HIGHER than under George Gascon where it was 29%. The recall picked one quarter of the DA’s first year in office–at the height of a pandemic surge–and intentionally misled to suggest that it reflects the DA’s overall domestic violence filing rates.

DA Boudin has hired and promoted a state-wide expert on domestic violence–who teaches and advises prosecutors across the state–to head the office’s domestic violence unit. She takes these cases very seriously and files charges in every case she can prove–even when a victim does not cooperate.