The recall of the
District Attorney
is a con.

Put together by radical right-wing donors and their operatives as part of a national right-wing effort. This June Vote No on:

Cash Bail

Sending our City backward to a time when people were kept in jail based on how rich they are, not how dangerous.

Wage Theft

Don’t eliminate the office that protects workers' rights and holds big corporations accountable.


Child Incarceration creates a cycle of poverty and crime that hurts the most vulnerable communities.

Police Brutality

Holding everyone accountable to the law, including the police.

Vote No on the Recall.

We don’t have billionaire benefactors lining up to write blank checks to support our campaign. Ours is a grassroots movement and we need your help.

The Republicans Behind the Recall

Oberndorf is a major Republican donor, in 2021 he gave to Republican Senator John Kennedy (LA), Republican Representative Don Bacon (NE), Republican Representative Nicole Malliotakis (NY), Republican Representative John Katko (NY), Republican Senator Lisa Murkaski (AK), Republican Representative Peter Meijer (MI) and many more. In 2020, he gave $1.5 million to Mitch McConnell’s Leadership PAC.

Wilsey, a San Francisco “socialite” and major GOP donor, was a co-host of a fundraiser in San Francisco with Donald Trump Jr. Her son, for her family's support of the Trump campaign, Trevor Traina, was appointed an ambassador by the Trump administration.

Chicago-based Daniel O'Keefe was a donor to Republican David Perdue’s U.S. Senate campaign in Georgia. The $2.5 million campaign is funded by fewer than 20 donors in all of 2021. These right-wing donors are working to repeal the policies that make all of our communities safer.

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